Job responsibilities:

Acutely explore the industry and social popularity, and plan the related communication plan with their own brands and products;

Carry out integrated communication planning, implementation and effect monitoring for the company's designated projects (including but not limited to traditional&new media communication, event marketing, etc.);

Have public relations cooperation planning ideas for external cooperative resources and independently promote negotiation and implementation (including but not limited to co branding brand, industry, government, education, public welfare and other organizations);

Cooperate with the company's senior management to position, plan and monitor the company's brand, products and leader image;

Develop and maintain media and We media resources such as science and technology, intelligent hardware, automobile and fashion;

Lead the external agency to implement the daily public relations project and monitor the core data.


Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or above in journalism, advertising, marketing, etc;

More than 6 years of PR experience in a well-known Internet company or foreign enterprise, preferably in automobile and product manufacturing;

More than 1 year of experience in leading public relations and activity agencies to implement projects;

Good communication ability and anti pressure ability.


Position Application